The old cliché always seems to be that summer is a bummer without someone to be your lover. While you may feel those twinges of loneliness or jealousy occasionally, I’m here to prove to you that you don’t HAVE to be attached to have a great and even memorable summer! Being single doesn’t have to be the pits, read on to learn why!

You know those times when you have a boyfriend, but there is a really hot guy you’d just love to flirt with just for fun? Yeah, this is that time except you don’t have a boyfriend! So go for it! A little harmless flirting is good for us all, and it doesn’t have to lead anywhere, just enjoy yourself.
Remember last summer when you planned a road trip with your besties but then your ex-boyfriend had a really important thing he wanted you there for so you stayed home to support him and had a great time but missed out on the road trip? You can change that this summer! Be the instigator, plan some really fun things to do with your friends, and make lasting memories!
You’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, or go skydiving, or have an all-night marathon of your favorite chick flicks but every time you bring up any of these ideas to your boyfriend, he just rolls his eyes. So here is a chance to do those things without a less-than-enthusiastic partner! Even if you have things on your bucket list that any guy may love to do, this summer is about YOU so check them off and have fun doing it!
Who needs to spend all night crying over something mean a boy said or did to you? Or who has time to sit around decoding texts and trying to play the guessing game of vague responses? This summer can be as drama-free and relaxing as you want it to be.
If that sort of thing appeals to you and the opportunity arises, a young summer love can be one of your fondest memories. No commitments, no worrying or wondering what the future holds, just pure fun and passion for one summer!
Of course I know that true love wouldn’t mind if your hair wasn’t fixed or you weren’t styled up in the hottest trends but as girls, let’s face it, we always want to look pulled together if our man is around. So enjoy a summer of having lazy or bummy days without feeling like a pile of junk if your man comes around unexpectedly.
There’s no one else to please, explain things to, or feel obligated to when you’re single. Now I know that in a perfect relationship this may not be the case either. But there is always another person’s feelings to consider. When you’re single, it’s you and only you so enjoy that for one summer!

There you have it, reasons why it’s a great idea to spend the summer single! Can you think of anything I missed? Please comment below with reasons why you’re glad to spend the summer single. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a fabulous day!

Sincerely, A Girl With a Purpose