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Sometimes you just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m beyond done with people in general. I feel like there is an everlasting cycle of shit passed from person to person. Like we’ve never known how to correctly treat one another.
Is it not just common sense? Stop thinking about yourself all the time.


30 Quotes From Stephen King To Inspire, Empower, And Terrify You

“God is cruel. Sometimes he makes you live.”

Source: 30 Quotes From Stephen King To Inspire, Empower, And Terrify You

9 Relationship Mistakes I Made In My 20s That I’ll Never Repeat

If only someone would have showed me this sooner.

Chasing the person who didn’t want to be chased.

Source: 9 Relationship Mistakes I Made In My 20s That I’ll Never Repeat

La Vie est Belle


“Life is Beautiful.”

How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

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Erin KellyErin Kelly

Understand that life is not a straight line. Life is not a set timeline of milestones. It is okay if you don’t finish school, get married, find a job that supports you, have a family, make money, and live comfortably all by this age, or that age. It’s okay if you do, as long as you understand that if you’re not married by 25, or a Vice President by 30 — or even happy, for that matter — the world isn’t going to condemn you. You are allowed to backtrack. You are allowed to figure out what inspires you. You are allowed time, and I think we often forget that. We choose a program right out of high school because the proper thing to do is to go straight to University. We choose a job right out of University, even if we didn’t love our program, because we…

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When Cutting Off All Ties With Your Ex Isn’t An Option

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Andreas WieserAndreas Wieser

If there’s any cardinal rule we hear over and over about breaking up, it is this: Don’t try to stay friends with your ex.

There are a various reasons people use to back up this opinions: Staying friends means you still love them. It means you still want them back. It means you never loved them at all in the first place and your entire relationship was a sham.

All of these conditions are awfully assumptive. Yes, there are times when the strongest thing to do is to discard love – to let someone’s toxicity roll down the drain and wash out of our lives as seamlessly as it came in. But there are other times when love is a little more subjective – and it must be.

Sometimes the person we no longer love romantically is still the person who takes care of our children. Sometimes they’re…

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30 Things To Do Instead Of Falling Back In Love

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When a relationship ends, we forget that the only objective available to us isn’t to get right back into another one. We see a huge, gaping hole waiting to be filled and we assume that it has to be someone else’s mind and heart and spirit that must fit perfectly inside of it. That we’ll just be a little bit empty or a little bit lonely or a little bit undone until we meet someone new – and even if we’re okay with that, it’s a problematic way of looking at things.

Because here’s the truth about that hole – it’s there. It’s real. It’s begging to be filled (spare me the innuendo). But it isn’t in the shape of someone else, it’s simply in the shape of what they offered us – be that stability, excitement, validation or understanding. There are an infinite number of activities, an infinite…

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You Will Love Yourself More by the Minute with These Self Love Tips …

Self love really is the key to improving many different components of your life. I believe that the most important relationship is the one that you have with yourself, and I also believe that we attract what we truly need in our lives, so reading this means that you are on your way to healing yourself. Only the ideas that make sense to you will be accepted by you. The greatest relationship starts with being comfortable with yourself before you can extend outwards to others, so read on for more self love tips!

Our internal dialogue reacts with every cell in our body, absorbing the energy of our thoughts and ideas. We need to eliminate the cause of our negative internal dialogue, for what we choose to think about life becomes true for us. If your mother didn’t know how to love herself, or if your father did not know how to be gentle and kind, there is no way they could have taught you anything different. We are all victims of victims. We can, however, start today to change our mental thought patterns and processes and think more positively. In turn, our body and mind will feel different.
If you have difficulty identifying and putting your finger exactly on what you are feeling, pay close attention to your internal dialogue and notice your inner thoughts at different times throughout the day. What are they expressing to you? Pay attention to your moods too. Write down both your feelings (e.g., worry, anger, joy, happiness), and moods (e.g., irritable, anxious, cheerful), and try doing this several times a day.
Understanding and being gentle with ourselves help us move past the cycles of ‘self-hatred’ and ‘anger.’ Self-approval and self-acceptance in the present moment are the keys to positive changes in our future. Being critical of what we do or don’t do ties with the perfectionist in us. Since no one and nothing is perfect, try releasing the past and be willing to forgive. It’s imperative for our own healing that we release the past, let it go and forgive ourselves.
Factor some play time into your days. A little bit of playfulness keeps you young at heart and taps into that present moment with a childlike feeling of innocence and joy. If you usually take your dog for a walk, try playing with your dog instead. Sing in the shower, be creative with your pastime and remember to enjoy it (without worrying too much about the finished product)!
By sticking to your own personal commitments and goals, you are telling yourself that you are worth it. You are loving yourself by demonstrating that you are important enough to keep to your personal commitments and dreams or goals.
As women, it is inevitable that we compare ourselves with other women. It is one of the hardest things as a woman not to compare ourselves with others, but everyone is unique in their personal expression and talents. You are unlike anyone else – you are you! Cherish that. If you need to compare yourself to something, think about how you were yesterday or how you were last year.
Some believe in complimenting with daily affirmations while others believe in speaking in positive terms. Be your own cheerleader. Encourage yourself as you would a friend or lover. Think about all those judgmental thoughts you typically have with yourself and turn them around into positive phrases in your head instead. Remind yourself of all your personal accomplishments, how beautiful you are and that you are lovable. We forget to give ourselves credit.

I hope these tips will help start you out on the path to heal yourself and learn the craft of loving yourself more each day. It is a process and remember to be gentle with yourself. What are some things you do to help yourself love yourself more?

Sincerely, A Girl With a Purpose

Don’t Be Upset You’re Unattached! Why It’s Better to Spend Summer Single …

The old cliché always seems to be that summer is a bummer without someone to be your lover. While you may feel those twinges of loneliness or jealousy occasionally, I’m here to prove to you that you don’t HAVE to be attached to have a great and even memorable summer! Being single doesn’t have to be the pits, read on to learn why!

You know those times when you have a boyfriend, but there is a really hot guy you’d just love to flirt with just for fun? Yeah, this is that time except you don’t have a boyfriend! So go for it! A little harmless flirting is good for us all, and it doesn’t have to lead anywhere, just enjoy yourself.
Remember last summer when you planned a road trip with your besties but then your ex-boyfriend had a really important thing he wanted you there for so you stayed home to support him and had a great time but missed out on the road trip? You can change that this summer! Be the instigator, plan some really fun things to do with your friends, and make lasting memories!
You’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, or go skydiving, or have an all-night marathon of your favorite chick flicks but every time you bring up any of these ideas to your boyfriend, he just rolls his eyes. So here is a chance to do those things without a less-than-enthusiastic partner! Even if you have things on your bucket list that any guy may love to do, this summer is about YOU so check them off and have fun doing it!
Who needs to spend all night crying over something mean a boy said or did to you? Or who has time to sit around decoding texts and trying to play the guessing game of vague responses? This summer can be as drama-free and relaxing as you want it to be.
If that sort of thing appeals to you and the opportunity arises, a young summer love can be one of your fondest memories. No commitments, no worrying or wondering what the future holds, just pure fun and passion for one summer!
Of course I know that true love wouldn’t mind if your hair wasn’t fixed or you weren’t styled up in the hottest trends but as girls, let’s face it, we always want to look pulled together if our man is around. So enjoy a summer of having lazy or bummy days without feeling like a pile of junk if your man comes around unexpectedly.
There’s no one else to please, explain things to, or feel obligated to when you’re single. Now I know that in a perfect relationship this may not be the case either. But there is always another person’s feelings to consider. When you’re single, it’s you and only you so enjoy that for one summer!

There you have it, reasons why it’s a great idea to spend the summer single! Can you think of anything I missed? Please comment below with reasons why you’re glad to spend the summer single. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a fabulous day!

Sincerely, A Girl With a Purpose

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